Aquatic – Themed Online Games

We have many games available for Android. Also, this selection continues to grow every day, introducing new different genres in this wide selection. So users are spoilt for choice. Among them, we find water sports games, a genre that is growing little by little with new titles.

It is a subgenre within the many sports games we have on Android. A selection of ideal titles now that summer is coming, with the season of beaches and pools. So, we leave you than with a variety of water sports games.

All of them are available on the Play Store, so it’s straightforward to download them on your Android phone. So, you can try some of the titles of this genre that is gaining ground little by little. What games have been on our list?

  1. Water racing

The name of the game already gives us an idea of what we can expect from it. In this game, we will carry out races with jet skis on all kinds of tracks. We have a total of three game modes and 12 different tracks. In all of them, we will have to show how good we are driving this jet ski at full speed. So it’s a good challenge to get over all these clues that we have. Also, we find 12 different characters to choose from; we can also choose our bike if we want. As we win, they will unlock achievements.

  1. Riptide GP

A game that we have talked about previously. It is a game of water racing with motorbikes, which stands out for spectacular graphics. Because they give him a lot of realism, but also action. So the game is never boring, it will always be interesting to you. Besides, we have many levels and types of circuits, so we have to overcome all kinds of obstacles in it. It differs from other games, as it has more action and makes it more commercial. A great game worth downloading.

  1. Beach Buggy Racing

Another racing game, though in this case with cars of the most special and very often on the beach. So we somehow keep this summer spirit in the game. We have to overcome all kinds of obstacles and overcome our rivals, who are going to try to sabotage us. Also, we have a wide variety of circuits in which to run, which gives added difficulty to what we have to do. It also has good graphics that help the game a lot, make it more fun.

  1. Water Polo Game

We close the list with the water sport par excellence, and of which we see few titles in the Play Store. Although this is possibly the best, we can find it. Since you know how to keep the style of the sport very well along with it. Which gives him a lot of realism. We can play both solos and against our friends in the game, so we can test our level at Water Polo whenever we want. We can also watch our progress. The controls are simple and intuitive for players. So you won’t have any trouble playing with it.